Clipper City Rail Trail – Newbury Parker St Gap Closed

The Newbury segment of the Clipper City Rail Trail along Parker St, between the Newburyport/Newbury town line and the trailhead, was completed in early 2023.

CTC made a $10,000 grant to the Town of Newbury and helped raise other funds to design, engineer and permit the segment of the Parker Street shared use path. During 2022 the design was completed and the Town of Newbury secured a MassTrails grant to construct the project with the help of an additional $15,000 grant from CTC. The Newbury segment was completed in early 2023.

In addition, as part of a residential development project on Parker Street, Ed Hill, the developer, committed to extend the Parker Street shared use path from Shephard’s Auto to the Newburyport/Newbury town line. Part of this segment of the project was completed in 2022 and the rest will be built in 2023.