Adopt-a-Trail Program

Businesses and individuals can show their support for Coastal Trails programs in Amesbury and Salisbury to the hundreds of people who use the trails every day by participating in the Adopt-a-Trail program. We have Adopt-a-Trail sign locations available on the Riverwalk in Amesbury and on both the Old Eastern Marsh Trail and the Ghost Trail in Salisbury.

Adopt-a-Trail sponsors make an annual contribution to Coastal Trails ($250 for a Marsh Trail or a Riverwalk sign and $150 for each Ghost Trail sign). Coastal Trails earmarks these funds for maintenance and improvement of either the Amesbury or the Salisbury trails, depending on the location of the sign. We pay for things like trail maintenance equipment and supplies to be used by volunteers, removal of fallen and dangerous trees, fence repairs, trail resurfacing, brush cutting, trail signage and sign replacement, graffiti removal and other things that can’t be done by volunteers.

Sponsors give us their logo (pdf, jpg, gif) and the other information they would like on the sign. We then get a proof made by the sign company for approval by the sponsor. After the sponsor approves and makes the sponsorship contribution, we get the sign made and install it at no additional cost to the sponsor. If a sign is stolen or defaced or deteriorates with age, we replace the sign at no cost to the sponsor. Sponsorships are renewed on an annual basis.

Contact for more details.