Ghost Trail

2.1 miles, mostly stone dust
Connects to Old Eastern Marsh Trail, Garrison Trail and Riverwalk.


The 2.1 mile, mostly stone dust, Ghost Trail goes west from Lion’s Park in Salisbury through deep woods and I-95 underpasses to Elm Street in Amesbury. It runs parallel to Route 110.

The trail is named for the “Ghost” trains that transported wooden carriages (covered with white canvas shrouds) from Amesbury through Salisbury. It features ferns, pink lady slippers and interpretive signs telling the story of the Ghost Trains and a great train robbery in Salisbury.

Sites and features along with way include:

  • Beautiful forested area
  • Ferns
  • Wildflowers
  • Lion’s Park
  • Interpretive history signs
  • Shopping at Carriagetown Marketplace
  • X-C skiing when snow covered

The trail is maintained by the Town of Salisbury and Coastal Trails Coalition volunteers. It is not plowed in the winter.


Ghost Trail to Old Eastern Marsh Trail: The Ghost Trail connects to the Old Eastern Marsh trail at Lion’s Park.

Ghost Trail to Garrison Trail on I-95 Bridge:   From the Ghost Trail crossing at Rabbit Road go south on the shared use path alongside Rabbit Road to Route 110 (Elm Street).  Use pedestrian light to cross Route 110 and meet the Garrison Trail. 

Ghost Trail to Amesbury Riverwalk: There is currently no direct trail connection between the Ghost Trail and the Amesbury Riverwalk. To access the Riverwalk on foot from Route 110 use the shared use path going west along Elm Street, cross Elm St. at the crosswalk near the hotel.  Use the sidewalk to get to the shopping center.  From there you can either pass in front of the shopping center or use the service road behind it to reach the end of the Riverwalk at the rear west corner of the parking lot. CTC has installed wayfinding signs to help trail users find their way.


The Ghost Trail can be accessed at Lion’s Park, Cushing St., Bartlett St., and Rabbit Road in Salisbury, and Elm St. in Amesbury.


Lion’s Park:  90 Lion’s Way, Salisbury, MA (42.8446, -70.8653)
From US Route 1 in Salisbury turn on Gardner St (near Dunkin’ Donuts). Turn right onto Lion’s Way and park in the lot at the end of the road.

Bartlett Street: Bartlett St, Salisbury, MA (42.845481, -70.876050)
From Route 110 in Salisbury turn on Bartlett St (at Dairy Queen). Parking area is about 600-ft on the left.

Rabbit Road: Rabbit Rd, Salisbury (42.846484, -70.898870)
From Route 110 in Salisbury turn onto Rabbit Road. Just past Old Elm St, turn right into trail parking lot.

Old Elm St: Old Elm St, Amesbury (42.846641, -70.906463)
From Route 110 in Amesbury turn north on Elm St, then immediately turn right onto Old Elm St to marked parking places along the street.


Planning is underway to make a direct trail connection to Amesbury’s Riverwalk through the Carriagetown Marketplace.