Eastern Marsh Trail – Draft

3.6 miles paved
Connects to Ghost Trail, Clipper City Rail Trail & Seabrook-Salisbury Trail Connector


The Eastern Marsh Trail (3.6 miles, paved) offers views of the Merrimack River, a nature trail near the 0.4 mile marker, and a beautiful expanse of the Great Marsh with a tidal river crossing, a wooded boardwalk, a trail bridge over US Route 1 and miles of woodlands. It connects to the Ghost Trail at Lion’s Park and to the Clipper City Rail trail.

Sites and features along with way include:

  • Beautiful woodlands
  • Fenced Dog Park
  • Salisbury Elementary School
  • Nesting turtles in June
  • Birdwatching
  • Merrimack River overlook
  • Great Marsh with tidal river crossing
  • Interpretive signs
  • Steven’s Nature Trail
  • Partridge Brook Park

The trail is maintained by the Town of Salisbury and Coastal Trails Coalition volunteers.


The Eastern Marsh Trail connects to the Clipper City Rail Trail to the south, the Ghost Trail to the west and the Seabrook-Salisbury Trail Connector to the north.

Eastern Marsh Trail to Ghost Trail: The Eastern Marsh Trail connects to the Ghost Trail at Lion’s Park.

Eastern Marsh Trail to Clipper City Rail Trail: Exit the south end of the trail at Friedenfels Street and take the Gillis Bridge Connector trail under Route 1, cross the Gillis bridge via the walkway and pick up the Clipper City Rail Trail.

Eastern Marsh Trail Seabrook-Salisbury Trail Connector: The northern end of the Eastern Marsh Trail connects to the Seabrook-Salisbury Trail Connector at the MA/NH state line.


The Eastern Marsh Trail can be accessed from Friedenfels Street, Mudnock Rd, Route 110, Gardner St, Lion’s Park, Route 1 (at the rail trail bridge crossing) and at Salisbury Elementary School.


Lion’s Park:   Lion’s Way, Salisbury (42.8446, -70.8653)
From Route 110 in Salisbury turn on Gardner St (near Dunkin’ Donuts). Turn right onto Lion’s Way.

Friedenfels Street – (42.819235, -70.870962) Entrance to Eastern Marsh Trail in Salisbury, MA. North on US Route 1 from Newburyport, turn left just over the Merrimack River bridge on Friedenfels Street. Friedenfels Street is across Route 1 from Vasa Restaurant. Park to the right of the granite railroad bridge.

Salisbury Elementary School: 100 Lafayette Rd (Route 1), Salisbury (42.855301, -70.866344)