2020 Project Updates

Ghost Trail Extension
Salisbury – Amesbury (Now Open)

New I-95 underpasses on the extension of Salisbury’s Ghost Trail allowing access to Amesbury with greater safety.

Garrison Trail
Trailhead and Stairway
Amesbury (Now Open)

Amesbury’s Main Street Trailhead and Stairway provide easy access to the Garrison Trail on the I-95 Whittier Bridge.

Eastern Marsh Trail Extension Boardwalk
Salisbury (Opening Soon)

Beautiful boardwalk near Lion’s Park on the extension of Salisbury’s Eastern Marsh Trail.

Eastern Marsh Trail Extension
Salisbury (Opening Soon)

The Eastern Marsh Trail Extension completes a 4-mile trail from the Merrimack River to New Hampshire

Eastern Marsh Trail Extension
Route 1 Pedestrian Bridge
Salisbury (Opening Soon)

The new pedestrian bridge over Route 1 in Salisbury provides a safer route to school and the new Partridge Book Park playfields.

Eastern Marsh Trail Extension
Seabrook-Salisbury Trail Connector

(Opening Soon)

Seabrook-Salisbury Trail Connector is an interstate trail linking from Route 286 in Seabrook NH to the Coastal Trails Network.