Ghost Trail, Salisbury

Salisbury Ghost Trail 4_22_0941


Named for the “Ghost” trains that transported wooden carriages (covered with white canvas shrouds) from Amesbury through Salisbury, this trail now extends 1.8 miles west from Lion’s Park. The trail crosses Cushing St. and there are parking areas at the Bartlett St. crossing and at Rabbit Road. This is a hard-packed stone dust trail suitable for walking and biking. It passes through beautiful woodlands and features native wildflowers in the early spring. During 2012 we added a trail link to the Play Ball batting facility on Old Elm Street. This link gives access to the business area on Elm Street (Route 110). You can also park behind the batting facility to access the trail.


The Ghost Trail connects to the Eastern Marsh Trail to the south and the Amesbury Riverwalk to the west.

Salisbury Point Ghost Trail to Old Eastern Marsh Trail: Exit at Lions Way and turn left on Garder St. and then right on to Maple St.  Head E (left turn) at Route 110 intersection. Take a right turn on Mudnock Road and follow to the beginning of the Eastern Marsh trail on your left.

Ghost Trail to Amesbury Riverwalk:


Lion’s Park Trailhead: Travel Route 1 north of Salisbury Square. Just past Dunkin’ Donuts turn left on Gardner Street.  Near end, turn right on Lion’s Way to Lion’s Park.

Bartlett Street Trailhead:  West from I-95 on Route 110 in Salisbury (Elm Street) turn left on Bartlett Street at the Dairy Queen. Pull off Bartlett Street at trail crossing parking area.

Rabbit Road Trailhead:  West from I-95 on Route 110 in Salisbury. Turn left at traffic light on to Rabbit Road. Just past Old Elm St. turn right into trail parking lot.