Eastern Marsh Trail, Salisbury

Old Eastern Marsh


This 1.4 mile paved trail extends from the Merrimack River to Mudnock Road. It passes through pristine sections of the Great Marsh with beautiful views and world class bird watching. Don’t miss this outstanding trail.


The Eastern Marsh Trail connects to the Clipper City Rail Trail to the south and the Ghost Trail to the north.

Marsh Trail to Ghost Trail:  At the northern end of the trail, head NE (right) on Mudnock to intersection at Route 110. Cross the intersection and head WEST on Route 110 (Elm St.) a short distance to Maple St. on the right. Head N on Maple until it ends at Gardner St. Turn left on Gardner and proceed to Lions Way on the right. Proceed N on Lions Way through the park entrance.  The Ghost Trail entrance will be on the left side of the parking lot.

Marsh Trail to Clipper City Rail Trail:  Exit the south end of the trail at Friedenfels Street  and take a left toward Route 1. Follow the bike path underpass of the Route 1 Gillis Bridge, then cross the bridge and pick up the Clipper City Rail Trail.


Friedenfels Street – Entrance to Eastern Marsh Trail in Salisbury, MA. North on US Route 1 from Newburyport, turn left just over the Merrimack River bridge on Friedenfels Street. Friedenfels Street is across Route 1 from Striper’s Restaurant and Inn. Park to the right of the granite railroad bridge.