Salisbury Trail Maintenance Committee

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Salisbury Trail Maintenance Committee meeting at 7 p.m. Monday, April 14 in the Salisbury Town Hall in Conference Room A

Please leave a comment with suggestions, or if you think you’ll attend the meeting.

5 thoughts on “Salisbury Trail Maintenance Committee

  1. The trails look great. There (was) just a tiny bit of ice and snow on the Ghost Trail and some twigs and branches to clear, but otherwise the trail is in really good shape. Not much trash at all.

    The Marsh Trail looks fine, too – with construction still underway so a section is closed.

  2. I’ll be there!

    Should talk about work on flower beds, cutting some brush here and there, and plans for maintenance over the summer. We can also talk about other projects or issues that you think will be of interest to the group.

  3. Can someone please tell me when the trail in Salisbury on Mudnock Rd. will open and maybe change the date at the gate where it is closed because its been scratched out and now reads May 2015.

    Thank you

  4. This Salisbury Rail trail work that been being worked on now for over 3 Months is pretty ridiculous. I’ve seen houses built faster than this. Somebody from the town should be going and checking on these people supposedly working on this. I know their were some problems that came up but seriously over 3 months now. Maybe their should be some real cntractors doing this that know what their doing. So basically the whole summer went by with basically all of the Salisbury side of the trail closed. Gee, think it might be done for next Summer? I knew when the sign said May 15 and it didn’t open that it just wouldn’t be open the whole Summer. Ridiculous!

    As Larry the Cable Guy would say
    “Get er Done”!!!!!

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